About Us

Get to Know Us.

Welcome to eSkyIT

Our general philosophy of business at eSky IT is that we provide our customers with what they exactly need, when they need it, nothing less but often more.

We work with you one-on-one to maintain a low-pressure personal relationship to see you and your customers experience the highest level of stability and satisfaction in all of our dealings.

We help companies and organizations find smart solutions for their IT needs. The people at eSky IT have been in the Cloud business for many years, eSky IT is the first and largest cloud computing solution and service provider in the region. Although bigger is not necessarily better, yet we do have the know-how and manpower to offer you the best solution.

We offer several models of cloud computing. Whether you’re looking for a public or private cloud, or a hybrid cloud, we can help to define the solution that best fits your needs.

The team at eSky IT will guide you in a simple way to show you how virtualization and software deployment in the cloud which can benefit your business. We can guide you to develop a scalable model for your application with minimal effort, resulting in a convenient on-demand network access and easy access to a shared pool of applications, services and storage.

Our Vision

We aim to strengthen and maintain our leadership as the first and largest cloud computing solution and service provider in the region by constantly enabling and increasing our technical force, whilst continuously developing and complementing our products portfolio

Our Mission

We believes that the most important asset for our organization is our team, especially our technical workforce which positions us ahead of competition and as the pioneers in the cloud era, we recognize the importance of the people that drive our success, the reason why we continuously invest, enable, train, certify, and expand our technical workforce.

Our Values

  • We “Respect” other’s time.
  • We demonstrate a can-do-attitude.
  • We are forthright, direct and honest.
  • We set achievable goals, and achieve them.
  • We value a united effort and call it “Teamwork”.
  • We are “Accountable” for our decisions and actions.
  • We take on tough “Challenges” and make them happen.

We “promise” what it is deliverable and “deliver” what we promise.