Nutanix Xi Leap is a cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity solution offered by Nutanix. It is designed to provide organizations with a reliable and efficient way to protect their critical applications and data from unexpected outages, data loss, and disasters. Nutanix Xi Leap enables seamless replication and failover of workloads between on-premises environments and the cloud.

Key features of Nutanix Xi Leap include:

- Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery: Nutanix Xi Leap enables organizations to replicate their virtual machines (VMs) and data to a cloud-based environment. This ensures that critical workloads and data are protected and can be quickly recovered in the event of a disaster.

- Automated Failover: Xi Leap offers automated failover capabilities, allowing organizations to initiate failover procedures with minimal manual intervention. This ensures that applications and services are quickly restored and operational.

- Flexible Recovery Points: Xi Leap provides the flexibility to choose recovery points based on an organization's needs. This allows for granular recovery options to minimize data loss during disaster recovery.

- Orchestration: Xi Leap includes orchestration features that enable administrators to define recovery plans, workflows, and priorities for different applications. This helps ensure a smooth recovery process with minimal downtime.

- Non-Disruptive Testing: Xi Leap allows organizations to perform non-disruptive disaster recovery testing, ensuring that recovery plans are effective and work as intended.

- Multi-Cloud Support: Nutanix Xi Leap supports disaster recovery to multiple public cloud environments, including AWS and Azure. This provides flexibility and choice in selecting the appropriate cloud for disaster recovery.

- Seamless Integration: Xi Leap integrates with Nutanix HCI infrastructure, allowing organizations to leverage their existing Nutanix environment for disaster recovery. This simplifies setup and management.

- Data Encryption: Xi Leap ensures data security by encrypting data during replication and transmission. This helps protect sensitive information during disaster recovery processes.

- Monitoring and Reporting: Xi Leap provides monitoring and reporting capabilities that allow administrators to track the health, status, and performance of their disaster recovery environment.

- Cost-Effective: Nutanix Xi Leap follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing organizations to minimize upfront costs and only pay for the resources used during disaster recovery operations.

- Reduced Complexity: Xi Leap simplifies disaster recovery planning and execution by offering a unified platform for replicating and recovering workloads across on-premises and cloud environments.

Nutanix Xi Leap empowers organizations to ensure business continuity by offering a reliable and efficient disaster recovery solution. Its cloud-based approach, automation capabilities, and integration with existing Nutanix infrastructure make it a valuable tool for safeguarding critical applications and data against unexpected disruptions.