Desktop Transformation

What we can do for you.

What is it?

Transformation Methodology is a consultative process, underpinned by specific transformation services that will enable you to move from your current desktop infrastructure to your vision of the future, whether that’s a shared service, on-premise or in the cloud, physical or virtual, managed workspaces or managed data access and BYOD.

For most organizations the first step is Strategic Consultancy, in order to define a robust IT strategy closely aligned to business needs and, to drive the right Design & Implementation project.

Why use it?

The desktop, or workspace, is currently a rapidly and dynamically changing part of the IT infrastructure: changes in technology, working practices and user expectations are meeting to create a growing disparity between the desktop service IT is delivering and the needs of the organization and its key users.

Transformation Methodology is designed to help you move from your current to your desired desktop delivery model (and then the one after that!) in a sequence of manageable stages, closely aligned to your business needs.

Why eSkyIT?

eSky IT specializes in that critical point where the user meets IT and has both a proven transformation methodology and the experience to deliver this effectively.