Strategic Consultancy

What we can do for you.

What is it?

The first phase of the eSkyIT® Transformation Methodology, Strategic Consultancy provides the foundation for a successful desktop and application delivery project.

Focused on the needs of strategic IT leaders, this service will capture and crystallize your strategic vision and translate it into a clear road-map, closely aligned to your organization’s current and future business needs.

eSkyIT® follows a proven five-step process to capture, clarify and confirm both your strategic goals and specific functional, technological and user requirements. The available technology options are assessed, the best match to your needs identified and an indicative high-level solution design developed. 

Why use it?

You recognize the changing desktop and data access needs of your organization and users and you have a strategic vision of how these should be met in the future. This service will help you to convert your strategic vision into a deliverable plan, supported by all key stakeholders.

You will benefit from:

  • a risk-free approach to change
  • an established, proven and thorough methodology that will increase the longevity of your technology investment and reduce long-term cost
  • clear documentation of each stage of the process
  • eSkyIT® extensive experience
  • a level of objectivity that’s hard, if not impossible, to achieve internally.