Managed Device

What we can do for you.

What is it?

A contracted service to configure, manage and update physical Windows desktops, including laptops, tablets and user’s own devices, under BYOD arrangements. It will ensure that they are kept up to date and secure, even if not normally connected to the company network.

eSkyIT® uses a range of tools, including client-side virtualization, leading systems management tools and bespoke software, to tailor a service to your operational and business requirements.

Why use it?

Your users depend on being able to get access to business systems and data via their devices. Maintaining those devices is a complex task, particularly when they can be off-line much of the time, located in users homes or in branch offices or used internationally.

eSkyIT® can take care of your user’s devices to ensure that they are up to date, secure and populated with the applications and access they need to be effective. Customers report up to a two-thirds improvement in device reliability under a Managed Device service from eSkyIT®.

You’ll benefit from:

  • knowing that devices are at a consistent, up-to-date build level
  • a stable end user platform, delivered as a service – lowering risk and the cost of change
  • reducing downtime and support issues – leading to happier, more productive users
  • easier delivery of services to new locations, such as branch offices
  • flexibility to deliver updates and changes via network, cloud services or secure media
  • a service delivered to a formal SLA and supported by ISO 9001 and ITIL compliant processes
  • adherence to the exacting ISO 27001 data security standard.